Our featured product groups

The company offers a range of products, which are divided into four product groups.

In engineered boards

Plates are made of different quality pine saw logs. Unlike all the other production for the plates there are used both pinewood with knots and knot-free, firstly using whole branchs. Plates can be used in staircase, furniture, windowsill and for a lot of other products. We also offer finger-joint lamellar wood:  finger-jointed with standard cutter. We also produce plates after individual orders.

Window/Door beams

Window, door beams are produced using knot-free pinewood. Beams are produced from lamellar pinewood. They are in one piece, fixed and finger-jointed lamellar woods.

Construction beam

We also produce glued rafters, beams and load-bearing structures. Those are one of the most important components in construction. Very often construction beams are used for wooden houses and for big wooden structures. Beams are very heat affective, they don’t shrink and it has very atractive outer appearance.


In addition, we are now offering wood briquettes which are produced from production residues or in other words, from wood chips.

All our products can be manufactured in standard EU dimensions or according to individual customer requirements.

Our base product

Our main products – window and door beams from knot-free spinewood. Beams are produced using spine wood lamellas.

They divides within two categories

Produced from fixed material

Fixed material is made from an especially valuable, thick, round 80 year old tree, mostly from the lower part of the tree trunk. The maximum length is 3 meters.

Produced using finger-jointed material

Finger-joint material is produced using 150 mm to 900 mm long lamellas. Afterwards, we get rid of all possible knots and other imperfections. The necessary height is reached using special machineary that finger-joints the lamellas. Finger-jointed material maximal height is 6.4 meters.

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